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COGS Christchurch arrangements Community organisations and volunteers in Canterbury are still feeling the strain from the earthquakes, so the processing of COGS applications has been streamlined.

16 Jun 2011

A temporary COGS committee has been formed and will meet 29-30 September to assess Canterbury Rural and Christchurch City/Banks Peninsula applications.  COGS committee members will not contact these applicants this year.  Please still apply at Grants Online www.cdgo.govt.nz but do not send in hard-copy applications. Funding priority for these regions is...


Changes to www.cdgo.govt.nz

1 Jun 2011

From 21 June 2011, this website is being replaced by a new website: www.communitymatters.govt.nz.

The new website will be a one-stop shop where communities can access grants and Community Advisory Services information. It brings together information about all grants administered by Internal Affairs – previously this has been spread...


Applications to Lottery Community Facilities Fund Committee

18 Mar 2011

Applications to the Lottery Community Facilities Fund Committee will now close at 4pm on Friday 8 April.

Applications to Lottery Canterbury/Kaikoura Community Committee closing on Friday 29 April 2011.

17 Mar 2011

Following the Christchurch earthquake on 22 February, a decision has been made to delay the closing date for applications to the Lottery Canterbury/Kaikoura Community Committee.  Applications to this Committee will now close on Friday 29 April 2011.



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