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The Lottery Outdoor Safety record of allocations for the 2008-09 funding round are now available under Outdoor Safety downloads

27 Aug 2008

The Lottery Outdoor Safety Committee record of allocations for the 2008-09 funding round, August 2008, are now available under Lottery Outdoor Safety on the Downloads page.  Please follow the link below or call 0800 824 824 for assistance during normal business hours.  http://www.cdgo.govt.nz/available-grants/downloads.aspx#ApplicationType_15

Browser Compatibility

3 Jul 2008

The Grants Online website and web-based grant application will not work correctly in some browsers. This website supports only current Internet Explorer browser versions and Netscape to version 8.  If your internet web browser is not supported by this website you may experience page display errors and inability to use...


Firefox Internet Browser users

3 Jul 2008

Firefox users may download the free extension IE View to add to their browsers.This will allow Firefox browsers to display Grants Online pages and links correctly. Paste this address into your address bar: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/35

For further assistance or queries, please call 0800 824 824 during normal business hours, 8am to...


Lottery Significant Projects Fund Update

30 May 2008

Applications to the Lottery Significant Projects Fund for this year closed on 1 April 2008.  There is $16 million proposed for distribution in the 2008 funding round.  In all, 24 applications (totalling $65.5 million) have been received - an oversubscription of 400%. Applicants will be notified of Distribution Committee decisions...


More Focus on Outcomes

1 May 2008

The Lottery Grants Board is in the process of moving to more of a focus on outcomes as a way of ensuring that Lottery grants continue to make a difference in the community.
This will involve some changes to the information required from applicants, but these are still some way...


Change to Lottery Environment and Heritage Funding for Milestone Reunion Celebrations as from 1 July 2008

1 May 2008

As from 1 July 2008, the Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee will continue to consider applications for milestone reunions of
national significance but applications for national or local reunions of a general nature, including the organisation and recording of the event, will be considered by National and Regional Community Committees....


Revised Requirements for Signatories to Lottery Funding Applications

1 May 2008

Lottery policy on who can take responsibility for applications on behalf of organisations has also been reviewed.  Once the forms have been updated, the person making the application on behalf of the organisation, and all signatories to all aspects of the application, accountability, and other processes, must:
• be aged 18 years...


Lottery Community Sector Research Fund

23 Apr 2008

The Lottery Grants Board has established a new fund to foster the development and application of knowledge in and for New Zealand communities. The Lottery Community Sector Research Committee will consider applications from community organisations to carry out research or evaluation projects. Projects can be undertaken independently or in partnership...


Lottery Community Facility Fund (Update)

10 Mar 2008

The Lottery Community Facilities Committee makes grants to organisations for projects to build or improve community facilities.  Funding is provided for community facilities that support participation in community activities and social interaction, to foster cohesion and strengthen communities.  The fund's main emphasis is support for facilities open to use by...


Local Government and Community office in Palmerston North, new address

20 Feb 2008

Palmerston North
Local Government and Community Regional Office
The Department of Internal Affairs
Guardian Trust House
Corner Main Street and The Square
P O Box 247
Palmerston North

All previous phone, fax and mailing details will remain the same.



13 Feb 2008

There are 37 LDCs throughout New Zealand. They are made up of volunteers who consider and make decisions about funding applications from organisations within their local communities.

Now is the time for community organisations to nominate a candidate or register their community organisation to vote in the Local Distribution Committee...



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