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Lottery Community Facilities Fund

15 Nov 2006

The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board has decided to reintroduce the Lottery Community Facilities Fund with a new focus. From 2007, Lottery Community Facilities Fund will make grants to not-for-profit organisations for building projects to construct or improve community facilities. Funding will be provided for community facilities that support participation...


Applying to the Lottery West Coast Nelson Marlborough Committee

30 Aug 2006

Please note, if applying to the Lottery West Coast Nelson Marlborough Committee, any documentation requiring posting should be addressed to:

Local Government and Community Branch

Department of Internal Affairs

PO Box 1149


Some parts of Grants Online may advise documentation related to applying to the Lottery Nelson Marlborough West Coast Committee be posted to the Greymouth office. This...


COGS GST change

22 May 2006

Please note, there has been a change to completing a budget for the grant requested (see Question D2).
If you are GST registered, all requested amounts must be GST exclusive and rounded to the nearest dollar (if approved, we will add the GST component to the grant).
If your group is not...


More Committees online

20 Mar 2006

The following Non Social Sector committees are now available for clients to register and apply online:
· Lottery Environment and Heritage
· Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities
· Lottery Minister's Discretionary Fund
· Lottery Health Research
See Available Grants for an overview of the projects each committee provides funds for.

Our new look public website

20 Mar 2006

The new website has been re-developed to comply with New Zealand  Government Web Guidelines, as administered by the State Services Commission. These guidelines are designed to make public websites as easy as possible for the public to use.
Changes include for viewing on an 800x600 screen resolution setting, better page structure and...


Secure passwords

10 Mar 2006

The new security policies for passwords are:
· the password must be a minimum of 6 characters and must contain at least one number, one alphabetic character and one special character
· the password must not contain the user’s id, surname or first name
· the new password must not be the same as the previous...



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