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How Are Funds Distributed?

Grants are distributed through a number of committees which meet to consider applications. You can find out more about the specific funding policies and objectives of these committees by downloading the relevant information sheet from the Downloads page. 

The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) - began in 1986 to provide essential support to not-for-profit, voluntary and community organisations. 37 COGS committees, made up of volunteers, allocate government funding to their communities, in support of local groups that work with one or more of the COGS priority sectors (i.e. Maori, women, Pacific communities, other ethnic communities, older people, the rurally isolated, people with disabilities, families, youth and children, and unemployed people).

The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board - was set up by Parliament to benefit the New Zealand community by distributing the profits from state lotteries run by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. It does this through a system of distribution agencies and Lottery committees that support a wide range of community purposes. Each Lottery committee has a specific funding focus.

The Department of Internal Affairs’ Local Government and Community Branch (LG&C) administers a number of other funding schemes and trusts. It also offers a range of other services, free of charge. These services include assistance with planning (including project planning), provision of funding information, advice on setting up legal structures, meeting training needs, project monitoring and evaluation, and group facilitation.

For more information about LG&C and the services it offers, please go to www.dia.govt.nz.


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